SME Server development

Our Technical Director, Gordon Rowell, led every release of the SME Server from e-smith 4 to SME Server 7. We developed many components of SME Server Release 7, including the software installer, spam filtering, attachment blocking and virus scanning.

  • Advanced spam filtering - reject spam at the front door
  • Complete address filtering - stop "joe-job" spam and spam "back-scatter"
  • Easily direct mail for your domains to different users
  • Attachment blocking - reject EXE, ZIP, PIF and similar files
  • Automated virus scanning
  • Reject spam and viruses before they reach your internal mail server
  • No limits on the number of groups
  • Improved integration and filesharing for PC and Mac networks

Planned features for future releases include:

  • Mailing list support
  • Backup to removable disk
  • Vacation messages and other autoresponders
  • Problem tracker
  • Web site content management systems

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